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The MIDAS Vision technology finds its origin in the mid '80's in developments for aerospace applications in hybrid ceramic modules. The need for high quality, defect free, modules demanded a tireless 'eye' to inspect are laser drilling, through hole print, dielectric, conductor and resistor print step. During a period of almost 25 years SIBCO's MIDAS Vision AOI systems have become the world's leading Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) process modules for yield management in multi-layer co-fired ceramic (MLC) substrate and HIC production.  All developments have been done in close partnership with SIBCO's key customers like IBM and KYOCERA.

At the core of the MIDAS Vision AOI systems is its patented optical system coupled with sophisticated software algorithms designed for unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and reliability. Designed for both in-line 100% inspection and end-of-line applications, the company's products are deployed by leading LTCC and HTCC substrate manufacturers to build capacity and ensure manufacturing quality in low- and high-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC/HTCC), thick film multi-layer ceramic packages used in RF and MW wireless communications, antennas, automotive sensors and ECUs, supercomputers, mobile phones and many aerospace applications. 

SIBCO's MIDAS Vision AOI systems are supported from SIBCO's offices in the US, China and The Netherlands.


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