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Conventional Inspection methods
simply identify production losses:
Feedback Graphic
SIBCO's MIDAS Vision systems provides the Real Time Process Data you need for efficient high yield production.

Scroll down to view some additional benefits of AOI.

SIBCO's MIDAS Vision systems give you a closer look at all aspects of your operation:

A Closer Look at Production

  • A small footprint allows installation in the clean room, local to the puncher and printer
  • Instant feedback of process defects allows timely corrective action
  • Improved yields allow smoother, more confident production scheduling

A Closer Look at Your Budget

  • SIBCO's Price/Performance leadership is widely recognized
  • SIBCO has no required maintenance contract
  • SIBCO's training costs are low due to rapid training of existing operators

A Closer Look at Customer Satisfaction

  • Improved yields mean guaranteed on time deliveries
  • SIBCO's quality means no field failures

A Closer Look at Process Capabilities

  • Reliable inspection of print features as small as 1 mil, 25m
  • A full SPC database helps you understand, characterize, and improve your process
  • Easy setup eliminates programming headaches, costs, and downtime

A Closer Look at Any Line

  • Product platforms are available to meet any installation requirements:
    Stand alone
    Continuous Web
  • High Speed image processing matches your production rate


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