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MIDAS Vision Features for
Ceramic Green Tape, Substrate and FPC Inspection

Several critical factors are involved in the inspection of Green Tape, and hybrid substrates as compared to more standardized industrial inspections. Through years of industry experience, SIBCO has identified and incorporated the following features into our MIDAS Vision software for the benefit of our users.

Via Inspection 100% inspection to verify presence, location, and formation of thousands of vias in each layer. This capability allows monitoring of the punch process as well as via fill steps to ensure proper operation.

100% Conductive Line Defect Detection Defect detection and reporting of all opens, shorts, voids, excesses, and contamination of printed patterns is provided. An unlimited number of tolerance windows can be set to maximize throughput and minimize potential "false calls".

Print Registration/Free Placement Registration verification in both global and local modes is conducted on each inspection operation to ensure that tolerances are not exceeded. Local registration is especially useful in detecting and predicting production issues such as screen and sheet stretch. Translation of x, y, and theta inspection data is generated in order to adjust process set up parameters.

Ease of Operation No in depth computer knowledge is needed to operate a MIDAS  Vision system. Templates are automatically converted from CAD designs. Defect detection tolerances are set by per feature and can be customized by the operator. Set up and learn time (prior to inspection) for a typical circuit is under 15 minutes for a trained operator.

Instant Part Template Switching Template data files reside in memory in the Vision Processor for instant access in situations where multiple layers or different part configurations must be inspected rapidly.

Print Density Measurement Line weight calculations are available via pixel count windows encompassing the entire part or selected windows.  Resistor pattern area coverage can be measured and defined in targeting operations.

Measurement Command Measurement Windows Option allows full measurement commands for windows placed throughout the vision scan area. Measurements locate part features.

Parts Marker A Part Marker can be interfaced to the System to allow automatic identification of "bad" circuits on a multi-up substrate. The marker may be integrated directly into the MIDAS hardware, or (for in-line applications) may require additional hardware.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Data All defect data files are currently saved to disk for later retrieval and input to a customer driven SPC database. Defect files are stored in ASCII format and are easily ported to customer applications. SPC is an essential part of any closed loop control production cycle.

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